How to Collect NFT For Free and Profit By Selling on NFT Marketplace

NFTs can make you a lot of money, however, you do not have to create or mint your own NFT, you can play NFT games. NFT games are blockchain-based games that will assist you in gathering NFT that you can either sell on the game’s market (the very same game where you collected NFT) or on other NFT markets to make money.
If you have the skills to create digital media and the funds to mint it as an NFT, you can also create your own NFT without having to play NFT games.

NFT games are basically two types, one, free-to-play, and two, premium NFT games.

How to Make Money With Free to Play NFT Games

Free-to-play NFT Games are completely free to play. Here are some free games to collect NFTs.

Nine Chronicles: Nine Chronicles is a role-playing PVP game. In the game, you fight with other players and search for treasure. The treasures in the game are basically NFTs and crypto tokens. The game is completely decentralized.

Townstar: This is a simulation game, where you can win cryptocurrency tokens while playing the game. Townstar is very similar to Sims, Age of Empires, and Farmville.

Lost Relics: This is another free NFT game. The game allows you to amass two different kinds of items—one virtual and another blockchain-based. While blockchain-based commodities are fully decentralized, virtual goods are wholly under the hands of their developers. To make money from the game, you will have to sell the items you collect.

League of Kingdoms; In League of Kingdoms, you compete to win a piece of land (an NFT). This game can be comparable to Decentraland and the Sandbox. Players receive DAI stablecoins on a daily basis and can also collect other resources. The items you collect can be sold on open markets like opensea. Playing this game is completely free of charge.

5 NFT Games to Make Money

Even though you can play free NFT games to make money, most of the high-paying games are paid, and you need to spend money to be eliv=gilble to play the games. Here are some options.

Zed Run: Based on blockchain technology, Zed Run is a horse racing game. You own a horse and compete in the race. Actually, these horses are NFT. in order to enter the race, you will have to pay entry fees.

Six Dragons: The open-world role-playing game The Six Dragons is comparable to Skyrim. On the PlayStation 5, you can play this game. You can engage in gaming to gain NFT, which you can then sell on NFT marketplaces.

Splinterlands: On Splinterlands, players can engage in traditional combat with an automatic fight option. You can play, trade, and earn money in this game.

Sorare: This is a fantasy football game. Players can have their preferred football players as an NFT and utilize NFT cards in NFT fantasy football competitions to win rewards. The company behind the game is worth more than $4 billion. The majority of football clubs and players endorse this game.

Axie Infinity: Axie Infinity is the most well-known blockchain game for earning NFT and Metaverse Tokens. It is a pokemon-inspired game. You breed Axies and then let your Axies fight against other Axies to earn more Axies. NFT called Axies is available for sale on Opensea.

Thetan Arena Vs. The Sandbox: Which is the Best NFT Game to Make Money

Arena Thetan and The Sandbox are two popular blockchain-based games to earn crypto tokens and NFTs. If you want to know which is a better game for earning tokens and NFTs, here is a basic comparison.

Arena Thetan

In this MOBA (Multi-player Online Battle Arena) and Battle Royale Game, users can create teams, engage in combat, and win token prizes. Winning a battle is purely skill-based performance. If you enjoy MOBA games, you will undoubtedly enjoy Thetan Arena. MOBA is a widely popular gaming genre. Players can socialize and stream on well-known streaming platforms. The game has been around for five years and is accessible across several platforms.

The Sandbox

In 2012, a simple pixel art game called The Sandbox was published for mobile devices. Later, The Sandbox developed into one of the greatest crypto games to earn Meatverse tokens and NFTs, despite not having been first introduced as a cryptocurrency game. You can design your own virtual space to hang out in on The Sandbox.


Despite the fact that both games are excellent, The Sandbox comes out on top.


The cryptocurrency market is so unstable, your NFTs and crypto token value in terms of fiat currency may decrease at any point and may never rise again. This has occurred numerous times, so you must understand the risk.

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