Freelancing on HYVE: Blockchain-Based Decentralized Freelancing Site

I engage in a variety of activities to earn money online, but freelancing accounts for the lion’s share of my earnings.
I work on Upwork every day in order to make money doing freelance job.
To increase my revenue from freelancing, though, I am also exploring for more outlets.
HYVE is the name of one of my most recent discoveries.

What is HYVE

A decentralized platform for hiring independent contractors or working on open positions is called HYVE.
A smart contract is made when a freelancer and customer reach an agreement, and the money is distributed in the forum of the crypt after it is finished.
The platform makes use of the Polygon platform, Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.
This is not a site for the average freelancer or user.

To operate as a freelancer, you first need to be very proficient in blockchain terminologies and technologies, and then you need to have a high level of competence. I looked at the open positions, and the clients want independent contractors to construct bots, NFTs, Smart Contracts, etc. On this site, you can also stake cryptocurrency. All you need to sign up for HYVE is a meta mask wallet, which you may link to your account using. You can utilize this site to earn money if you are a professional freelancer.
You can utilize this platform if you’re a client looking to hire a freelancer.

I haven’t utilized this platform, so I can’t speak to how simple it is to hire people there or how quickly services are purchased.

How to Start on HYVE

A blockchain-based platform for contractors and clients is called HYVE.
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I’m going to share some information with you if you want to join HYVE and earn money as a freelancer. You might even decide to sign up for the site after reading it.
You require a Metamask wallet to sign up for HYVE, and you must approve your account using that wallet.
You are ready to begin using HYVE as soon as you have connected your Metamask wallet.

After you connect wallet, you have three options:

1. Stake

2. Offer

3. Hire

You can stake Ethereum, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain thanks to staking options.

You can post your jobs asking for independent contractors to work on your projects when you select the hire option.
You must be clear about the amount you will pay and the requirements.

You can list your service, describing what you can accomplish and how much you can charge, when you select the offer option.

As HYVE is a decentralized network, your contract will be a smart contract on Ethereum Polygon or Binance Smart Chain whenever you recruit a freelancer or are hired.

How Does HYVE Compare With Upwork and Fiverr

HYVE is a freelance marketplace similar to Upwork where you can both work for others to make money and hire people for your projects.The only distinction is that you either pay freelancers in cryptocurrency or earn cryptocurrency by working on someone else’s project. HYVE tokens are what power HYVE. The website must provide high-skilled freelancers or a lot of earning chances to contractors in order to be the greatest platform. But I’m not sure if a recently launched platform like HYVE has enough clients and contractors. 99Design is the finest platform if you’re a graphic designer looking to work on graphic design projects for pay. The fact that it has been around since 2008 (which demonstrates the site’s validity) makes it the greatest.

You will find a lot of jobs to work on because it is made particularly for graphic designers (unlike Upwork or Fiverr where anyone can find any kind of work).
Due to the fact that Fiverr and Upwork are legitimate businesses that are publicly traded, they may even outperform HYVE.
Due to the ancient company, even People Per Work may be superior.

Can You Become Successful on HYVE or Any Other Freelancing Sites?

Although it is a very competitive industry, freelancing offers an excellent opportunity to earn money online.
On the other hand, if you possess professional talents, you will undoubtedly succeed on a freelance website.
Even though it could take weeks or even months to land your first gig, you can succeed on freelance websites if you are persistent and work to improve your skills.

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