Decentralized Blogging Platforms

Some of the most popular free blogging platforms are Read Cash, Publish0X, Hive Blog, Medium, Vocal, and Hubpages. The primary advantage of using these blogging platforms is the possibility of earning money from your content without spending a single penny. Subscription fees will apply if you want to blog on Weebly or Wix. If you want to blog on a self-hosted website, you can use WordPress content management, Drupal, or Joomla, among other options. These platforms are open source content management systems, which means they are completely free. However, before you can launch your site, you must first obtain a domain name and web hosting. For the first year, you must spend at least $50.

The advantage of blogging on platforms such as Read Cash, Publish0X, Hive Blog, Medium, Vocal, Hubpages, and many others is that you do not need to purchase a domain or hosting. You can join the site, publish your content right away, and start earning money from it. The main disadvantage of using these sites is that you must share revenue with them. You also have no control over your content, and they can lock your account or delete it at any time.

If you want to blog while maintaining complete control over your blog, you should consider using a decentralized blogging platform. Decentralized blogging will give you complete control over your blog.

What is Decentralized Blogging

Decentralized blogging refers to blogging on decentralized platforms with no central authority.The most popular blogging platforms are centralized, which means they have a central authority, they control your blog in some way, and can even shut it down if they want to. Because there is no one controlling your blog in the decentralized platform, you have complete control over it. Decentralized blogging refers to blogging on a blockchain platform.

Some Popular Decentralized Blogging Platforms

Mirror ( A platform for publishing, fundraising, and community building. It is a web 3 toolkit for writing and publishing your new idea, creating a community for your DAO, launching a crowdfund, releasing NFT, and so on.

Sigle ( This is a web 3 platform for writing and earning BTC. Your earnings are determined by subscriptions and reader rewards.

Steemit is a blockchain-based social blogging platform where you can not only publish blog posts but also socialize with other bloggers and grow your audience.

Skynet ( is a decentralized hosting platform where you can upload anything and grow your audience.
You can also upload a web application or directory.

Hive Vs. Steemit: Which Blockchain-based Blogging Platform is Good?

You’ve probably heard of Steemit and Hive if you’ve been blogging for a while. Even if you are new to blogging, you have probably heard of Hive, but you might be unfamiliar with Steemit as Hive is very popular with users these days.

Both Steemit and Hive are blockchain-powered blogging platforms. Hive is a decentralized blogging platform, which means it has no central authority, is powered by blockchain, and is completely owned by the community. Seemit is a blockchain-based blogging platform owned by a private company that operates a cryptocurrency called STEEM.

As a blogger or writer, you can publish, share, and earn on both Hive and Steemit. You can try both, but you might want to know which is more profitable.

Hive.Blog: Hive is a cryptocurrency, and Hive Blog is a blogging platform that allows you to earn Hive tokens. When you publish posts and leave comments, you earn Hive tokens. You do not directly earn for publishing, but you do earn a percentage of the earnings when you upvote a post.

Steemit: STEEM, a cryptocurrency, powers the blogging platform Steemit. You earn STEEM by publishing and curating content on Steemit. 1 STEEM is currently worth about 39 cents. STEEM’s all-time high price was $8.57.

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